Patience and Grace

While visiting with some young moms lately tantrums and terrible twos were part of the conversations.  One mom shared that she feels like she is consumed with staying on top of her toddlers’ shenanigans leaving no time and energy for the rest of her family.  She said, “What makes it worse, is when my 2-year old gets caught in the middle of her naughtiness she runs away giggling!!” I had to suppress my own chuckles as I was reminded of another little girl doing the same, especially if her Poppa was the one who found her.

Another young mom shared that her little one isn’t yet 1 1/2 yrs. and has started throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.  She added, “He’s so stinkin’ cute MOST of the time!” This mom then asked me to pray that she would have patience and grace.

Patience and Grace!?

When my first  born began throwing temper tantrums at 15  months, I too prayed for patience, but not grace.  I didn’t even think of grace.  I just wanted God to give me a quick-fix. “Let this tantrum phase be short lived, God!!” I guess I was more concerned about my pride and the easy road. Well, God didn’t give me a quick fix.  Rather, He gave me numerous opportunities to practice the patience I was begging for and begin acquiring the grace I so badly needed.

It’s tempting to let the defiant scene overshadow the day that was filled with happiness, but that’s where grace comes in. Grace to swallow my pride because everyone at the grocery store saw the hissyfit my kid threw. Grace to forgive and love my child unconditionally just as Christ forgives and loves me unconditionally. Grace to recognize that God blessed me with this little tyrant who is so sweet and “stinkin’ cute MOST of the time.” Grace to learn and grow and become humble through this process called parenting.

How I wish there was a quick cure-all, but alas as soon as you think you have it figured out with child #1, child #2 comes along wired differently and needing a whole new set of rules.  I asked my mother why she didn’t forewarn me about such things, and she said “For the same reason my mother didn’t warn me. If I did, you probably wouldn’t have had any kids!” Hmmm…I don’t know about that, but I do know that although my children have some similarities they are all very different. They responded to discipline and learning differently and as adults handle life situations differently.

I challenge you to embrace the difficult times rather than just get through them. Look for the rose among the thorns and the sun peeking through the clouds.  Allow God to grow you up through the tough times.

Young Moms, I pray God will bless you with Patience and Grace today!


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