Expect the Unexpected

One never knows for sure what will happen (good or not so good) when Hubby takes a trip away from the farm, but we’ve learned to expect the unexpected!

One time, I surprised him by refinishing his family heirloom desk while he helped build a church in Ecuador.

Another time, Hubby was enjoying a prayer meeting at the State Capital when we got a Spring Blizzard, and momma cows decided it was time to have babies.

Youngest Son & I tore out the kitchen while Hubby watched Second Son lead the pack at National Track Meet.

Hubby arrived in Haiti just a couple hours before the devastating earthquake.  Instead of working on a church, he did search & rescue and played soccer with some orphans.

Today, he boarded a plane again, and I dug out paint supplies to give our tiny half-bath a facelift. While painting around the toilet, water began dripping from the tank.

Steady drip, drip, dripping!

My first thought was, “Oh no! Who am I going to call for help?  Hubby usually handles such things!” Last visit to Haiti, he built this lil’ outhouse after the earthquake made using the indoor commode impossible.

I decided I could and would handle this, so I found Hubby’s BIG BLUE Binder titled “Easy Home Repair.”  The first paragraph in the “Toilet” section was encouraging. It said, “This is a job you can do without special tools or experience, and you can save the expense of hiring a professional plumber.”  🙂 That’s always good to hear! I continued to read, and greatly appreciated the step-by-step photos and the exploded diagram of all components of “the basic toilet.”

I returned to have a closer look at the dripping and have concluded I only need to replace the tank bolts and nuts.  Easy enough!!?  After a quick trip to town, I’ll be set to tackle the bathroom again.

With the unexpected beginning on day one of Hubby’s absence, I wonder what will be next.  I must remember….

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

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