When I awoke to the radio alarm, I just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep.  I was feeling miserable with throbbing head and had slept fitfully throughout the night. However, the lyrics of the song that was playing caught my attention.

“…my God’s not dead; He’s surely alive…”

With the season of Lent underway, many Christians set aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ – His suffering, sacrifice, life, death, burial and resurrection. That’s exactly what happened when I heard those lyrics, I began reflecting.  My thoughts centered on the horrible beatings and ill treatment of Jesus, and then moved on to the torturous death of being nailed to the cross.

Shame washed over me. Here I was, laying in my warm bed, beginning the day with complaints of my discomfort and inconvenience of lingering sinus pressure headaches and fatigue from sleep deprivation. These are so minute and petty compared to what Jesus endured!

Dear God, forgive me for my self-absorption, and thank you for the reminder of what you endured because of your love for each and everyone. Amen.

May I encourage you to read the Biblical accounts and reflect on Jesus death, burial and resurrection during these weeks leading to Easter. These accounts can be found in the New Testament of the Bible: Matthew chapters 26-28, Mark chapters 14-16, Luke chapters 22-24 and John chapters 18-20.

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