The Journey Continues

As I continue this journey to daily, intentionally look for gifts of joy, God does not cease to reveal His love and care for me.  It is somewhat a scavenger hunt as I have my clue(s) to find each day. This “Joy Dare” has forced me to look in nooks and crannies, literally as well as in my heart and mind. Diligently seeking what the Lord wants me to see, my vision has begun to focus more  on Him throughout the day.

One gift woven  Friendships from many walks of life and many locations across the globe, yet God has woven them together to help make me who I am. Thank you, Friends!

A gift found in working  The reward of accomplishing a task to beautify my home.

I recently completed the facelift of this compact little bathroom.

A gift of glass

Centerpiece created by Son #2

Etched monogrammed candle holder made by Son #3

A gift seen as reflections

Stark beauty reflected on pond water.

On a very ugly, cold, dry, windy, gray day I found the following Ugly – beautiful gifts

Spinach sprouting in bare garden

Blooms in the brittle brown grass

Little lavender crocus

Blanket of green wheat

Thank you, Lord, for signs of life even on an ugly, cold, dry, windy, gray day.

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beauty and blessings abound everywhere.   To join the fun and practice a life of gratitude, click here for your list for the month of March.

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