Spreadin’ Out

The sporadic warm days at the close of Winter tease as I anticipate Spring.  The long days of winter produced little snow or rain, yet there was plenty of cold wind. I am NOT a fan of cold and most definitely DISLIKE cold-wind!  Needless to say, until recently, I have been in hibernation, bundled in my hand-crocheted afghan drinking cappuccino.

At the conclusion of a delicious breakfast of pancakes topped with extra chunky peanut butter and homemade syrup, Hubby began our devotional reading with Isaiah 54:3a (NIV)

 “For you will spread out to the right and to the left;”

Oh Me, Oh My!!! I need to put my runnin’ shoes on and stop this spreading “out to the right and to the left” !!!

*Disclaimer-The use of Isaiah 54:3a is deliberately taken out of context for this blog post, because these were my exact thoughts when Hubby paused while reading. 🙂

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