Contagious Laughter

Lately, I’ve been noticing laughter – contagious laughter.  You know, the kind that you hear and just can’t help chuckling or laughing along even if you don’t know what sparked the giggle, belly laugh or guffaw!

It’s hard not to laugh when twirling with a young one, round and round on a delightful spring day, barefoot in lush green grass. Especially when his  gurgle-giggles come bubbling out.

When there are three little cuties each on a swing calling, “Push me again! Please!” Giggles escape as under dogs tickle their tummies.  This make me giggle as well.

On a train ride recently, the conversations were mostly hushed except for the neighbors across the aisle.  A mother and grown daughter were having the time of their lives! I’m not quite sure what language they were speaking; definitely not English. Although I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, it was obviously very funny.  These women were not merely chuckling, they were cackling! Every once in a while, they realized how loud they were and would try to restrain themselves, to no avail.  They would again burst into loud high-pitched cackling and even a snort or two! Hubby and I sat trying to contain our own laughter, but failed miserably. It makes me LOL just thinking about it now; their laughter was contagious!!

This morning, Hubby sat at the computer laughing.  I told him it wasn’t fair for him to sit there laughing with out sharing what was so hilarious. I quickly guessed the he had received an email from Daughter On-the-other-side-of-the-World. They have this special language and humor that is only completely understood by “Sunshine” and “Moonshine”.  Emails between the two are incomplete if a corny joke is not included. They also seem to try to out do one another with lyrical poetry.Here is just a small sample:

“Hi Daughter, This is your Faughter (Do you like my rhyme?)
I hurt in my back
It was out of whack
So I got my back crunched
Now Its better a bunch.”
yo father!
why do I bother?
cuz I miss you so!
how are you?
i’ll ask a few
questions then expect a reply!”
They make each other laugh and soon those around are laughing along with them. (Even if the joke really is not funny!)
There are days when life seems intense, and I really don’t feel like laughing. Have you ever had one of those days? Maybe a day when you didn’t know whether you should laugh or cry?  Laughter is refreshing, uplifting and healthy! In the book of Proverbs we’re told:
“A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face.”
                  “A cheerful heart fills the day with song.”
                                 “A cheerful disposition is good for your health.” (MSG)

4 thoughts on “Contagious Laughter

  1. Dear friend….laughter is one of God’s BIGGEST gifts on this side of glory…you wrote of tickled tummies and giggles…it reminded me of this last weekend…Morgan and Hayden came for Easter…Saturday evening, hubby, son, and kids and myself went to the park … they loved
    underdoggies!!!!got some precious pics of giggles all a round…precious moments…kids will be back in 2 weeks for another visit…this time we will celebrate son Aaron and my birthdays…
    speaking of A. this coming tuesday marks his 90-day countdown to bootcamp. Praying for alot of memories of giggles before he leaves

    Sister kimbo- love ya.

    • Sister Kimbo, I’m so glad you were able to have a good time with your grandkids. We “adopted” a couple young families for Easter since none of our family were able to come home. I continue to pray for A, and will pray for more memories of giggles before he leaves!

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