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Ori and Oribelle

I was so delighted when I glanced out my window and saw that Ori and Oribelle had arrived for their visit.  They are such a striking couple!

The two soon made themselves right at home, building their little abode directly above our patio.  Hubby and I enjoyed watching the building process as we had breakfast and coffee outside.

The beginning of their home


Once completed, the activity changed.  Ori and Oribelle would flit and fly back and forth taking turns sitting in the nest.  When Oribelle was sitting, Ori would stand guard cheeping cheerily until others came to visit.  He did not want visitors! He would scold and fly around them trying to shoo them off his tree.

Orie on the lookout

One morning, we heard squeaky peeps coming from above.  Sure enough the family had grown! Now the two took turns bringing snacks for their babies.  The little ones have grown quickly, and are flying out and about on their own.

Although, we don’t see the family above our patio as often, Ori’s flashy orange and black attire keep us alert to their whereabouts.  In the past week, my attitude towards these fine feathered friends has taken a drastic change.  You see, I keep spotting them stealing what had been a promising grape harvest! I have put out a bowl of jelly, but they still prefer my not-yet-ripe grapes.  The thieves! I’ve been betrayed!!  The joy they brought has turned to disappointment.

Not-yet-ripe Grapes

Friends can be that way as well.  We can share some great times together, and then we get “stabbed in the back”, betrayed.  Trust is broken.  This is not new to our era.  Throughout the Bible we can read many accounts of betrayal.  It all started in the garden with Adam and Eve when they listened to the serpent and broke their trust with God. As brothers, Jacob impersonated Esau to acquire Esau’s birthright blessing. Jealousy! Sampson’s wife, Delilah, turned on him. The lure of a get rich quick scheme out weighed her love and devotion.  Jesus was betrayed by money hungry Judas.  Peter denied even knowing Jesus, not once but 3 times in one night.  The rest of Jesus’ disciples and friends scattered.  They didn’t stick around to help Jesus.  They were scared.

How should we respond when we’ve been betrayed?  Jesus gives us the perfect example – forgive. Does forgiveness mean we readily trust the betrayer again? No, not always. In John 21, Jesus questions Peter not once but three times of his love. It seems Jesus is making sure Peter really is sincere. It takes time, days, months and sometimes years for trust to be regained, but it must start with forgiveness.

Now, what to do about Ori and my grapes?