Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat

Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Yes, indeed it is running season, and I will be interjecting running slogans that I’ve collected over the years into today’s blog. (They will be in bold type.)

To embrace the season, I attended the home cross country meet last week, Buffalo Stampede! Then I went to cheer on some of my favorite runners at a 5K in Oklahoma, and I filled out my September calendar. Why did I fill out my September calendar? So I can run here and there! You better read fast because I’m leaving you behind.  In fact, from the looks of my calendar I must be training for a 10K, and if I’m not careful it will become a marathon.

Work, family, church, volunteering, hobbies, dreams…

Don’t Just Chase Your Dreams. Run Them Down!

 All this busyness starts out innocently enough, but the schedule can soon get out of control. Run to live. Live to run. This leads to disappointments, frustrations and fatigue. It affects our relationships with friends (Running is my girlfriend), family and our spouse. When we get to the point of meeting each other coming and going, things at home can easily be falling apart or at least be put on hold to catch up on later. If found on ground…please drag to finish line. This includes our relationship with God. I don’t know about you, but when life is hectic I NEED God. If I do not spend time with God, reading His word, praying, seeking His guidance, my schedule becomes a god. My day is consumed with the schedule and I fail to recognize God’s grace and handiwork surrounding me. I fail to listen for His voice of wisdom prompting me.

Summer miles bring Autumn smiles.

Two things I’ve learned over the years is:  my day goes better when I start by spending time with God, and I do not have to do everything.  I have a choice to control my schedule or let my schedule control me. By His Power For His Glory.   One benefit of doing the Joy Dare 2012 is that no matter how hectic my day is it reminds me to intentionally look for God’s gifts of grace.

I choose not to just Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. I’m looking for these (Sept. Joy Dare) special gifts in the month of September. Care to join me?

 In a world of give and take, give what it takes.

2 thoughts on “Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat

    • I appreciate your comments, Crystal! By the way, I can hardly wait to get a text or call from your Mother with baby news. Praying delivery goes well for you.

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