Simple Sounds

I’ve been too busy lately to jot my thoughts. However, just because the canner and stockpot are bubbling it doesn’t mean I am pushing God to the back burner. All I have to do is look around to see many beautiful ways God reveals himself and blesses me. Today, I’ve challenged myself to listen to hear his blessings. So here are a few of my simple sounds of joy from this morning.

  • Wind chimes making music out my kitchen door
  • Gentle breeze swishing through open window
  • Momma and baby swallows chattering from their porch perch
  • Peaceful quietness of home on the range
  • Boiling water rumbling in speckled water bath canner 
  • Ping of sealing jars
  • Crunch of gravel announcing Hubby’s arrival for lunch

Over and over, Jesus, told his disciples and the crowds he taught to listen. In our noisy society we can hear a lot of things, but how closely do we listen? In Mark 4:24, Jesus says:

 “Pay close attention to what you hear. The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given, and you will receive even more.” NLT

Look what is in my pot today!


Can you guess what I’m making? The 1st person to guess correctly, gets a sample jar!

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