Welcome to Homespun Happenings.  As a new kid on the ‘blog’, my thoughts follow three themes.

Intentional:  Too often I take life and simple blessings for granted.  I am challenging myself with the Joy Dare – intentionally capturing 1,000 gifts in 2012.  I will be sharing some of these gifts of joy with you. For more information on one thousand gifts, click here.

Inspirational: As the quilt of my life is pieced together one patch at a time, may each stitch bring you closer to the Creator.

Intriguing: I’m just an ordinary gal who loves God, nature and simple pleasures of life. Some of  my interests are gardening, cooking/baking, sewing, crafts and farming.  I hope I’ve piqued your curiosity enough that you’ll stop by frequently.

“To see God in everything makes life the greatest adventure there is.”  So  join me in my Homespun Happenings.


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