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Easter Brunch

I love to set a pretty table and pamper family and friends when they are here for a meal. That was only one reason I was excited some of the family would be here Easter morning. It gave me reason to try a new recipe and create a full brunch menu rather than our traditional Sunday Coffee Cake.Would you like to know what I served?

Fruit Bowl
Easter Egg Surprise
Blueberry Blintz Souffle
Juice and Coffee

The fruit bowl was no ordinary fruit bowl.  It was a Chocolate Flower Bowl filled with fresh fruit including the first big juicy strawberries that I have seen this spring. You can find tutorials for making the chocolate bowls all over the internet and probably Pinterest. However, they leave one very important step out. This step is crucial to having a chocolate that shines and snaps rather than being dull and chewy. The secret is “tempered” chocolate. This is a slow process and one must take care to keep an eye on the temperature of the melting chocolate. Although it is more tedious and time consuming, it is well worth the results.


The Easter Egg Surprise had nothing to do with hard boiled eggs.  It was simply mini cinnamon rolls that I made in my little tart pans. Then they were placed inside plastic eggs for serving in Hubby’s childhood Easter basket. Oh, don’t worry; I DID wash the plastic eggs before using!


I was searching on a favorite website for my main dish. Taste of Home has tried and true no-fail recipes, and that is where I found the perfect recipe: Blueberry Blintz Souffle (http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Blueberry-Blintz-Souffle) The blintz cheese filling is what made this souffle so much more than a souffle.I would highly recommend this recipe. I was concerned about the leftovers, whether the souffle would weep, and would reheating affect the texture. I observed no weeping, and it was just as delicious as the first serving. I did alter the blueberry syrup. I substituted frozen blueberries, sugar & water in place of corn syrup, and clear jel instead of cornstarch. We all liked this dish, in fact seconds were passed around.


So often the words food and fellowship go together. Sunday morning was no exception with food and fellowship shared around the table for Easter Brunch.