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Hubby is a Softy

A young girl found the soft side of Hubby at church last week. She had a cat that needed a new home. Some people are drawn to the love of an animal especially if you can hold and pet it. However, my husband does not and I have never known him to fit that description. So what was it about this cat or this little girl that caused Hubby to quickly agree to give this cat a knew home?

Last week at Awana (kids Bible club), Hubby shared pictures and stories about his recent trip to Haiti. Afterwards, a girl approached Hubby with a sad look on her face and began telling him about her cat. She told him how tame and sweet this cat was, and that it was pregnant. She then said “I have to find a new home for it right away, or Mom and Dad will get rid of it.” Without much hesitation, Hubby asked if next week would be soon enough. She said yes and that she would bring the cat to Awana.

When Hubby was retelling this to me, I had  questions flying through my mind making it hard not to interrupt. You see, we like to have barn cats to control the rodent population, but when it comes to indoor cats that is a different story! After stating the brief conversation my question/answer dialog began.

“Who was the girl?”
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t even know her name?”
“Well she told me her name, but I don’t remember it.”
“Do you really think she’ll bring the cat?”
“Yes. She doesn’t want her parents to get rid of it. I even asked one of her teachers. The teacher figured if she said she’d bring it to church, she’ll bring it?”
“So what are you going to do with a house cat?”
“I don’t know!”
“I do not want a cat in the house.”
“I don’t either. How could I say no to her? She had to find a new home for it as soon as possible.”

Fast forward one week….Last night a young girl brought a cat to Awana, and took it straight to Hubby! We brought home a very tame, quite pregnant, declawed house cat. It’s new home is our garage. When the kittens are old enough they will become barn cats. I don’t know how I feel about having a cat in the garage all the time. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

In case you didn’t notice, Hubby’s decision had nothing to do with the cat. Not at all! Rather, it was about a young girl with sad eyes, pleading for help. That my friends is where my sweet strong husband’s soft spot is. Helping someone in need – especially a child. How I love that man!

“If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion–how can God’s love be in that person?”   1 John 3:17 NLT

DSC01399 DSC01401

Our new cat – We don’t know her name yet.