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Valentine Show and Tell

It’s show and tell time, and I have several things to show you.  Mr. Postman delivered my Valentine packages, so as promised last week, I can now share the results of those crafty inspirations.

First, I thought of my three girls, and their beautiful diamonds, engagement and wedding rings given as a token of love and commitment. I sorted through my jar of buttons, and glued a border on a small picture frame.  I also attached a dangling hook, and wrote a little verse.

Just a little something
Made with love
To hold your diamond ring
While you scrub

photo(6)Won’t these be handy by the sink?

Next, I thought of the four guys.  Hubby and I made a list of character traits for each one.  Then I wrote them on individual construction paper hearts and stuffed them in an envelope.

DSC01338It’s a good kind of heart attack!

I could not leave out our grandson.  He is getting pretty good at putting puzzles together. So I printed a silly picture of Pops and Mema, glued it to cardboard and cut out puzzle pieces.  I don’t know how long the puzzle will last, but I’m sure he’ll be able to put it together at least a couple times.  I can almost hear him exclaim, “Pops and Mema!” as it gets put together.


Gift giving does not have to be expensive, and there are many things to do or make especially if  one is on a tight budget. I personally enjoy the time it takes to craft a gift, because I also use that time to think of and pray for the recipient.

“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”   2 Corinthians 9:7

Closet Make-over Reveal

It’s done; it’s done!!! AND I love it! Oh! You wonder what this excitement is all about? Well, I’m glad you stopped by for today’s “Show and Tell”.  You see, I love to sew and craft and scrapbook and well, be creative. However, I have not had a very functional space to keep supplies and to make things. That is until now. I (along with some much appreciated help from Hubby) just transformed a bedroom closet into a very organized and functional sewing/crafts/scrapbooking center! Finally, I have everything at my fingertips with workspace included! Oh dear, I’m getting way ahead of myself! Let me just give you a step-by-step of this transformation.

This closet with double bi-fold doors had a wire closet organizer. We removed the organizer and plan on using it in a different closet. This left holes in the wall, so I patched them and repainted the walls and ceiling.  It was important to keep it as light as possible for my workspace.  I did not have to buy paint because I had enough left from a different project.


Next was shelving and work table.  This was really my only expense! I was able to find formica counters on sale. This was my area to splurge as I wanted a smooth surface to eliminate snagging fabric and also easy cleanup for glue or paint.


Once the counter was installed, I decided it really needed some kind of additional support in the middle. Years ago, we removed a banister railing from the family room saving the spindles for re-purposing. The spindle fit perfectly! I painted with the same paint used for the walls and then distressed it a bit.  The stool fits perfectly under the counter and is just the right height. I had bought it when the boys were young for our hair cutting stool. They are grown and gone, and now the stool has a new home and use.


I function best when things are organized, so how did I organize sewing, crafts and scrapbook materials? On the left end of the counter is all my scrapbook supplies. They are easily accessible and I have plenty of counter to work on. Above the tray stackers are my craft items.



The right end is for sewing. My machine will stay on the counter top so I can easily grab a few minutes here and there to work on a project without having to get it out and put it away. Above the machine, the shelves hold sewing notions, fabric, patterns, books…


I used a wire pie server and jars to help keep odds and ends corralled. On the top rack are items for sewing and the bottom is craft pens and scissors.  This can easily be moved from one end or the other of the counter depending on the project I’m working on. The jars can also quickly and easily be removed to use the wire server as it was originally intended.


Oh! I almost forgot – my idea board. I found a fabric remnant in my stash that was just the right size to cover a piece of styrofoam insulation. The foam was cut to fit the wall between the counter and bottom of first shelf support. The blue ties into the bedroom colors, and teamed with white stripes keeps things light. I can use push pins to attach project ideas or supply snippets, or I can clip with mini clothespins onto the jute rope. This work center did need some additional light. I relocated an under counter light that was not being used and attached beneath the first shelf.


For eye appeal and the finishing touch, I used the doily bunting I made for my daughter’s wedding. I used glue dots to attach bunting to the edge of the shelves. Who would have thought that a closet could be your favorite place to hangout? Well, while the winter weather is here, this is my new go-to space! This project came together quicker than I thought it might, so I’ve already had a few days to use it.  I have been sewing, sewing, sewing.

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Windy Day

Wow! What a windy afternoon both outside and in! The temps may have been up to the 60s, but the winds were not far behind with their gusts around 50. Those gusts blew right into the school making some students a bit stir crazy. During center time, I really was beginning to think I had a cluster of tornadoes in the room! They were so full of energy.

Unfortunately, the kids weren’t the only ones affected by this wind. It is messing with the technology currents too.  Really! You see, I was texting my daughter, and when I hit “SEND” the wind whirled the letters around making a mess of my message.  As I re-read what I sent I saw that it was most definitely not what I had typed. Here are just a few of the changed words in my message: ‘new’ changed to ‘dig’, ‘had’ changed to ‘ad’, ‘orneries’ changed to ‘orneriness’, and ‘separated’ changed to ‘deprecated’! I truly was surprised she figured out what I was saying.

This wind is messing with me, too.  I have so many exciting projects I’d like to work on that I’m having a heard time prioritizing them.  I have actually been making a little progress in three areas this week. 1.) I have been making a quilt which has been a slow process for me. It has taken me much longer than it should, but I am just about ready to sandwich the batting between the back fabric and quilt top. Who wants to come for a quilting bee? I will give a full account of this at a later date. 2.) Hubby and I are making some changes in our farm accounting and management. I successfully upgraded our software and am now figuring out how to implement some of the record tracking Hubby has requested. 3.) I began my first 2013 organization project – a closet transformation.

Just about every January, I get this strong urge to get organized and fix things.  2013 is no different. In my old farm house, closet and storage space has not been abundant. However, now that my children are grown and have their own homes, I have 3 nearly empty closets! I have always loved to make things, whether sewing or crafting, but had to drag supplies out to the dining table to work. Because of the hassle, I have not done as much in the past several years as I’d like. Well, a dream plan has emerged. I am turning a bedroom into my sewing/ craft room. Of course, it still needs to be able to be a bedroom for guests so…. I am making a closet transformation. This is my progress….


I know. It doesn’t look like much, but I do have it all emptied out and the holes patched from the wire closet organizer! Hopefully, by next weekend I will be able to give you an update.  In fact, my goal is to have the job complete!!

Although the wind may be blowing outside and in, find a few quite moments to catch your breath, regroup, and be still. You’ll be glad you did. It is amazing how 5 or 10 quiet minutes can re-energize and re-focus.

“Be still, and know that I am God!” Psalm 46:10a