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To God be the Glory

Counting? What IS all this counting about? Counting One Thousand Gifts in 2013? Counting gifts of blessing from God, but NOT just to count. It is not all about me; rather it is all about GOD from whom all blessings flow. It’s looking closer, intentionally, seeking, expanding  my focus so I may see God in all things and glorify Him.

In her book, Jesus Calling, Sarah Young has compiled personal notes from Jesus for each day of the year. The message for January 19 sums up what this counting is all about.

“Seek my face, and you will find more than you ever dreamed possible.  Let Me displace worry at the center of your being.  I am like a supersaturated cloud, showering Peace into the pool of your mind.  My Nature is to bless.  Your nature is to receive with thanksgiving.  This is a true fit, designed before the foundation of the world.  Glorify Me by receiving My blessings gratefully.

I am the goal of all your searching.  When you seek Me, you find Me and are satisfied.  When lesser goals capture your attention, I fade into the background of your life.  I am still there, watching and waiting; but you function as if you were alone.  actually, My Light shines on every situation you will ever face.  Live radiantly by expanding your focus to include Me in all your moments.  Let nothing dampen your search for Me. 

Psalm 17:8; Philippians 4:7; Jeremiah 29:13″

It is usually quite easy to look around and see God’s blessings on the surface. However, I want to go beyond the surface. The tool that helps me is Ann Voskamp’s monthly list of gifts to look for.  With this list I must think outside the box and look beyond the obvious. Matthew 7:7 promises that if I seek I will find. Therefore, I am seeking. Seeking God’s face in things only seen up close, in a reflection or in the shadow.  Seeking God’s face when my life is calm as well as during the most turbulent times. Seeking God’s face so I may give Him all glory and praise.

If you would like a ready made list to help you start looking beyond the surface for God’s blessings click on this LINK.  It will take you to Ann Voskamp’s JoyDare list. Remember, it is not all about what God has done for me, but rather me giving God glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving for the many blessings I may never have noticed before.

To God be the Glory!

2012 Glimpses of Blessings

2012 has been a year that I have intentionally looked for, took notice of, and gave God praise for His abundant blessings. It was not a year perfect in every way, yett even in the difficult times God was ever present. I welcome 2013 and can’t wait to see what God has in store. To God be the Glory!

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June Gifts of Joy

Can you believe 2012 is half over already?! The past six months, I’ve seen God and His blessings in some very unexpected ways.  Counting 1000 Gifts in 2012 – The Joy Dare continues to open my eyes.

Some gifts of joy for the month of June were:

  • A gift in conversation – family devotions on the beach.
  • A gift ugly beautiful – new grass shoots poking through blackened soil from spring prairie fire.
  • A gift empty – empty arms. Though I miss cuddling my young children, I praise God for the wonderful adults they have become.
  • A gift unexpected – Rain! Glorious Rain!
  • A gift smelled – the scent of my daughter’s perfume as I walked past her room. Yes, Daughter-on-the-other-side-of-of-the-world is home!
  • 3 gifts that are difficult – 1. My sis in-law was in a head-on collision. God saved her, but she will have a long, long road to recovery. 2. Surgery for sis in-law was postponed, and she received a very disappointing prognosis. Praising God that things aren’t worse than they are. 3. Being so far away from Hubby’s family. I wish I could be there to visit, encourage, take dinner to the family…yet I can pray across the miles for my dear sis in-law.

Though we may not understand, and the road may be long and difficult; God promises to never leave or forsake us.  That alone fills me with JOY!

Won’t you join me on this Joy Dare? Start intentionally looking for God’s gifts of grace and joy today. HERE is the link for the gifts we’ll count in July. JoyDare Be blessed!