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the Clutter Thief

Clutter can, does, and has robbed me. When things in my house, space or life are too much of a jumbled hodgepodge, I find it hard to focus for productivity or simply relax. It causes stress that may not be immediately recognized and identified. It is a thief that can even affect my relationship with God. How? It keeps me busy, bogged down, and restless. It can be a distraction when I need and want to spend time with God seeking His guidance and wisdom, and worship Him. God wants me to be still and know that He is God!

Monday, I woke with the de-clutter bug, and I knew where I should begin. It was an area that was not seen by others, but it bothered me every time I opened the door. It is the closet I store my canned produce, and somehow also became the catch-all spot. I dug in, and this happened.

photo 1

How does one clean out without making a bigger mess?! Unfortunately, some of these things are still on that bed. I am still weeding through it. However, a bag of trash went in the dumpster, and I found the closet floor! Now only the items that belong in that closet are there.

photo 2

What is the clutter thief stealing from you? Do you have an area you need to clear? Maybe it is “stuff” that is no longer needed or used, taking up space in a closet or drawer or piled high on the coffee table. Maybe it is in your calendar, social media, or negative relationships. Take time to look around or within, identify something that needs sorted through, and begin to resolve that clutter problem. Don’t let the clutter thief continue to rob you!


One of the patriarchs of my church challenged the women to not go on  vacation from studying God’s Word this summer. She said just because our calendar & schedule changes, does not mean we should just put God on a shelf. He doesn’t take the summer off and neither should we! As children reprimanded by Momma, some of us have dove right in to a study on David. “Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed” by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Kay Arthur is one that will cause the student to go deeper in study and relationship with God.

Today, I realized I better get started on my homework or it won’t be done by Lesson #2 on Monday. Week one, day one assignment focused on the fact that we are hand picked by God. I’ve known it, heard it, read it before, but the assignment taking a closer look impacted me differently than ever before.  In John 15:16 Jesus says, “You did not choose me, but I chose you”. So many times I have thought more in terms of I chose God; I chose to follow Him. Which is true I did, but he chose me first. That may be a bit confusing so let me give an illustration. Think of recess at school, the organized game of the day is kickball. Before the game can begin, we must choose teams. So the captains begin choosing who they want on their team. When I am chosen by Captain #1 to be on his team, I have an option to say “yes’ to his team, or say “no way” and head to the merry-go-round instead. The same is with God. He chooses us to be on his team. The realization that He handpicks us has a much greater impact than the simple idea that my response is to follow him.

According to Acts 13:22 we are told that David was a man after God’s own heart. Just as God chose David many, many years ago, He is still choosing men, women and children who desire to honor and serve Him.

God has handpicked you! How will you respond to Him?

10 Things…

Isn’t God amazing! He blesses us over and over even when we don’t deserve it or take time to notice. Ten things I recognize as gifts of blessing to begin this month are:
Apple Picking is one of my favorite things about Fall. Picking on Monday took me down memory lane as I thought of all the times My Children and I picked at the local orchard. I couldn’t help smiling as I heard Laughter from excited youngsters hidden behind a row of trees laden with gorgeous, juicy apples.
A Dear Friend is a grandma again. This New Life is a handsome little boy.
God has allowed me to hang out with and minister to several Young Ladies. I love watching how they grow and mature in life and in their relationship with God. It also helps keep me young. 🙂
A Garden that is still producing! Will it get zapped by frost by weeks end?
This morning my phone chimed with a new text message…a LOVE Note from my hubby. ❤
It took a 30 year reunion to Rekindle Friendships~ Sally and Shelly, I am so excited that we have reconnected!
The Desire to learn and grow. Sometimes it is easier to simply let life happen, and I have spent too many years of my life doing that. Yes, the desire to learn and grow is a blessing from the Lord, and I have so much yet to learn.

I continue on this journey of intentionally counting 1000 Gifts in 2012- The Joy Dare. If you are not in the practice of intentionally looking for God’s blessings I’d encourage you to begin today. If you would like to follow the list I’m using for October click HERE. A few gifts we’ll look for are: 3 gifts prayed for, a gift baked/stirred/eaten, 3 gifts on time, a gift surrendered.

How is God blessing you this week? I’d love for you to leave a comment and share your joy!